Friday, 19 October 2012

The day the lights were all green

Many years ago, I did a weekend course - one of those personal development courses, this one was about getting into a relaxed alpha state and useing creative visualisation to learn about oneself or about other things, or to help bring about useful future outcomes. By that I mean getting into the alpha state (rested meditative state) and visualising in the mind's-eye the outcome desired. This technique is pure 'magical-thinking' to a psychiatrist, but it seems to work for me often enough. I can get car-park spots when I need them to this day.

I learned a lot from this course and it was that weekend I had my great Cosmic Consciousness experience, but that's not for now.

On this particular day, my friend Jeff Gray and I were heading to a meeting for the course and we were a little late - late enough that a bad ran of traffic would get us there after the arranged time, but a good run of traffic would see us there on time.

So we set off together on our motorbikes, side-by-side in that unspoken road-dancing camadarie of bikers riding together.

As we approached the first set of lights, I did my thing - I imagined in my mind's eye the light being green for us, and so it was. I said nothing to Jeff about it.

The second set I did the same, and once more, it was green. 'Wonderful' I thought to myself, perhaps Jeff is helping?

The third set of lights were perfect green for us too and I guessed that Jeff and I were both doing the very same thing, although not a word was spoken about this until this very day. Two of us using our mental magic in unison to get green lights when we needed them.

And so it was that on a long ride from Scarborough to Welshpool, a long ride right across the city, at least half an hour, through maybe 50 lights, that literally every single one was green for us. Not a single pause for a light slowed us down. And sure enough we arrived perfectly on time.

That's real magic :-)

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