Sunday, 19 February 2012

A little nature friend

Recently I was out in my Mum's Aussie garden, being with nature - feeling and smelling and seeing the plants, enjoying a informal drifting nature meditation, as lately I've been trying to open up more to the various worlds of nature...

And so it was that a little friend joined me - a mid-size tree spider crawled around my tee-shirt and arms. I did my best to grok his spiderness, made myself into a spider friendly tree, sent him spider love, and we made friends easily enough.

Now the sun was just setting over the ocean, it was a lovely moment, so I did a little meditation about energy up the spine and focussing at the crown, like the sap rising up the trunk of my tree. I invited my friend to climb up my back to the crown of my head where I created a sort-of 'spiritual spider-friendly parking zone'.

Sure enough he crawled up my back, right up the back of my neck, running his legs thru the hairs on the back of my neck - quite an interesting feeling. He walked to the top of my head, and stopped right at the tip of my head, in my spider-friendly parking spot, for a little while as we shared a little happy moment together while the sun set into the ocean. Man and beast. Spider en-crowning my Stick of Brahma.

Next thing Mum comes running out with a thong in her hand - "Aargh! look out ! a spider is on you! I'll get it!" Don't get me wrong, my Mum is kind and caring, and she was doing exactly the right normal thing.

But somehow my life is not always about the 'normal thing'.
Perhaps spider-crawl spinal-meditations are not everyone's cup of tea.

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